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New Dedicated Coworking Desk

Ace Makerspace is introducing a new Membership type that comes with a dedicated desk. This option includes:

  • As a motorized sit/stand desk for your exclusive use!
  • A private locker (provide your own lock)
  • A locking file cabinet and office drawers
  • Lamp and power strip for easy charging
  • 24/7 Access with full makerspace membership

The Ace Makerspace coworking space has a cafe atmosphere and is in a large room that is also used for coworking. This desk is great for all regular office-type activities. It is not suitable for art or messy fabrication work.

This desk membership is month-to-month and comes with all the responsibilities that are part of space membership for $295 per month.

Check availability!

AMT’s Adventures at Maker Faire 2018

The Art Printing Photobooth aka The Edgy Printacular

At the Bay Area Maker Faire 2018, a team of Ace Monster Toys members created a photobooth where participants could take selfies which were then transformed into line art versions and printed, all initiated by pressing one ‘too-big-to-believe’ red button.

Back in March, AMT folks began prepping for Maker Faire 2018, and had an idea: what if you made a machine that could take a selfie and then generate a line art version of the said selfie, that could then be printed out for participants like you and me?! Thus, the Art Printing Photobooth was born! This project was based on the Edgy Cam project by Ray Alderman. AMT created a special slack channel just for Bay Area Maker Faire 2018 #maker-faire-2018. Then members set about figuring out how exactly to make this art-generating-automaton and Rachel (Crafty) campaigned for having a ‘too-big-to-believe’ push button. They would need many maker skills: CNC routing and file design, woodworking, electronics wiring, and someone to art it all up on the physical piece itself. Bob (Damp Rabbit) quickly volunteered to take on the design and CNC cutting, while Ray (whamodyne) started to chip away at the code that would be used to convert photos to line art.

Then the trouble began. By mid-April, our intrepid troubleshooters were running into all sorts of snags – so much so that the original code needed to be thrown out and rewritten from the ground up! To add additional difficulty (and awesomeness!) the team decided to use a Print on Demand(POD) service to allow participants to have their generated art uploaded and available to be printed on mugs, t-shirts, posters, etc. Soon after, Ray wrote up a new digispark code for the big-red-button to actuate the script and convert and print the line art (code given below) using Python3, opencv library, printer library from

Meanwhile, Crafty Rachel and Bernard were configuring the TV mount that would be the selfie-display of the photobooth and Damp Rabbit was busy CNCing and painting up a storm to create the beautiful finished product – The Edgy Printacular! The EP was a hit and won three blue ribbons at Maker Faire 2018. Another happy ending that speaks to what a few creative makers can do when they put their heads together in a place with all the right equipment, Ace Monster Toys <3

Big empty room

AMT Expansion 2018

This month AMT turns 8 years old and we are growing! We have rented an additional 1200sqft suite in the building. We have a Work Party Weekend planned June 1-3 to upgrade and reconfigure all of AMT. All the key areas at AMT are getting an upgrade :

CoWorking and Classroom are moving in to the new suite. Rad wifi, chill space away from the big machines, and core office amenities are planned for CoWorking. The new Classroom will be reconfigurable and have double the capacity.

Textiles is moving upstairs into the light. The room will now be a clean fabrication hub with Electronics and 3D Printing both expanding into the space made available. Photo printing may or may not stay upstairs — plans are still forming up.

Metal working, bike parking, and new storage including the old lockers will be moving into the old classroom. But before they move in the room is getting a face lift by returning to the cement floors and the walls will get a new coat of paint.

The CNC room and workshop will then be reconfigured to take advantage of the space Metal vacated. We aren’t sure what that is going to look like beyond more workspace and possibly affordable storage for larger short term projects.

Town Hall Meeting May 17th • 7:30PM • Plan the New Space

What expansion means to membership

The other thing that happened in May is after 8 years our rent finally went up. It is still affordable enough that we get to expand. Expansion also means increasing membership volume to cover the new rents and to take advantage of all the upgrades. We are looking to add another 30 members by winter.  Our total capacity before we hit the cap will be 200 members. We feel that offering more classes and the best bargain in co-working will allow us to do this. Please help get the word out!

The New Suite in the Raw

Big empty room

AMT 360º Climate Control Upstairs

In the height of summer it can get mighty toasty upstairs. Here is how you can beat the heat with these different tools.

Fan and Heater Controls


Like all the things in the space we have hacked the environmental controls.

Exhaust Fan


This fan is a little loud but venting the air is a very important thing. If noise isn’t an issue or maybe even if some white noise would be a good thing this is the fan to use.

Cabana Fan


This is a standard cabana Fan. This is the switch. Not sure why but it is wired to go faster when sent to a lower number. Warning it gets really windy right under it.

Air Conditioner

swamp-cooler swamp-cooler2

This is a “swamp” cooler. That means that requires water to get the maximum cooling effect. You can use any vessel you like to fill it up on the side hatch and we use the tap water from the sink in the hallway.

If you use the 5 gallon drinking water container to fill it up, please refill it for your parched fellow members.

This air conditioner give the maximum effect if it is positioned in proximity to the running cabana fan. It also has a handy timer so you can set it and not have to worry about running down the water with nobody there to enjoy the cool air.

Project Wrap Up: Purge and Build Day

Our 2016 Summer purge was a great success. We cleaned out a large truckload of stuff and built out several areas. Here are just a few pictures of the upstairs. We have a few projects like building a supply closet to finish up but all in all everyone is pleased with the results.

Everything that had to go
Swanky new laser table
Swanky new laser table
No more piles and you can now easily access the pressure washer and vacuum
Clean and tidy in laser materials storage
Clean and tidy in laser materials
Fully functioning Member Services Desk
New filing and organization of supplies.
New way to organize member paperwork
All the pretty flyers
The new kitchenette complete with microwave and honor bar.
New project display shelves
We organized all the things!
Games and Library.
Looking for something? Look no more… all the forms and paperwork refills ever.
Office supplies all ready to go.
Our clean new after shot.