Q: I am vaccinated, do I need to wear a mask in the hallways?


We need to obey all posted signage for the common spaces of the building such as hallways and bathrooms. As of 6.15.21 masks are required in those spaces for everyone.

Q: Can I use my own tools here?


Yes! Assuming that they safely fit in the room. For larger tools check in with an officer or steward to verify before bringing it in. If we require certification to use the tool, you still need it to use our own here. Please note that you cannot store your tools in the common areas, under workbenches or in corners. You will need to load them in and out each time or store them in Basic Member Storage

Q: Can I receive packages/mail here?


Ace Makerspace does not currently offer mail service nor can the Ace Makerspace address be used as the business address for members. You can have deliveries sent here as long as you plan on being here to receive them. 

Q: Is there a laminator for posters?

We do not have a laminator for posters as it is not in demand and quite expensive to run. There are several printshops nearby that have such services. We do have a small page-size laminator in office supplies and members are asked to supply their own pouches. 

Q: How did Ace Makerspace start?


We have a detailed History page here for the first 6 years of the org!

Q: Can I work on my car/van conversion at Ace?


The building Ace is in has parking out front but it is not secure. You can use your own battery-operated tools in the parking area in the evening or on weekends as long as it doesn’t jam up the other building tenants. You cannot take Ace tools out to the street to work on your vehicle. We do not have secure parking.