Textiles Work Space
Make things that help your community Mask making for with the Oakland Community PPE program or use textiles tools to prototype and design new gear.
Sewing Machines Stored on Shelves
Excellent selection of machines For sewing everything!
Industrial Sewing Machine
Solid Steel from the 1930’s This walking foot-machine is set up for leather sewing and upgraded with a servo motor for all the control
Textile Tool Storage with Irons, scissors, and books
Shotgun silkscreening Using lasers and spray glue you can silkscreen unique creations.
Janome Sewing Machine
Coverstitching! This specialty machine will change how you look at hemming forever.
Juki Serger
Serger This Juki overlock machine is perfect for all your stretchy and knit materials.


Supplies and machines

The textiles program has a modular design based in the reconfigurable space of Coworking. There is a variety of tables and chairs, including two large rolling cut tables and rotary mats.  We have a large variety of tools, fabrics and notions that are available for member use.

Training and certification

While the basic sewing machines don’t require certification, we do require that you take a class or get training to be certified to use the heavy duty Pfaff and Cowboy machines. The Juki Serger and the Janome Coverstitch machines both require certification or supervision.


We have a basic complement of leather hand-working tools to go along with our Pfaff walking foot heavy-duty leather sewing machine. This includes a really nice complement of Buckle Guy hardware, dies, and presses.


All the basic tools for both traditional and non-traditional silkscreening are available. We often use laser-cut mylar stencils to create the resist for quick silkscreen runs.

Upcoming Events

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Ace has a small honor store where we sell fun project kits, and the supplies folks need to make great things without having to stop and go to the store!

Textiles Supplies and Goodies in the Ace Store