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Metal Shop Basics and Certification

Saturday, April 8th • 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM • $55 

In this overview of the Metal shop, participants will learn safe handling of various tools and materials.


Classes and Events

Metal Shop Basics 

Saturday April 8th• 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM • $55 RSVP

CNC Mini-Mill for all your machining needs

This Little Machine Shop mill is a workhorse.

Watch the metal go round and round

Or the Delrin or other items that need a metal lathe.

Tons of tools and scrap material for all kinds of projects


When bandsaws get horizontal

Metal Tools

Keeping clean in Metal and storage
laser cut wood surface tablet case front

Keeping organized in metal!

Dylan going to town installing new work beches and grinders

The Ace Makerspace Metal shop is set up for basic and CNC machining. In the Ace Makerspace Metal shop, you can use our metalworking tools to make things of various metals and plastics. Use the milling machine to cut steel, aluminum, or other materials to precise size and shape. The lathe can cut the same materials into round or threaded shapes. You can bend, grind, cut, solder to create a great variety of things. Need a custom bracket to hold something to your bike? How about mold casting? Replacement parts for whatever? The machines and techniques of the Metal Shop make it possible at Ace Makerspace!

Certification and learning how to use Metal Shop tools

The CNC milling machine, like several other tools at Ace Makerspace, requires that you take training to use it. We are currently re-designing our class offerings in order to accommodate COVID Safe offerings. Please contact us for the latest offering or to express interest.

Unfortunately at this time, Ace Makerspace does not offer a hot shop (welding, casting, etc.) but we look forward to growing in the future into a location that can accommodate hot work.

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