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Super Premium


This membership covers all the associated costs of supporting a member from office supplies to payroll for staff to help you.

Premium Basic


The folks who pay this support the organization more including the increasing costs associated with inflation. They make many scholarships.



This rate covers all the associate core member costs, support costs for programs, plus a little extra to subsidize folks who need it.

CLOSED – Starving Hacker


This program is currently full. We don’t anticipate openings until January 2024 at best.

This rate is for students, public school teachers, unemployed/ underemployed folks, etc. This rate is available for a limited time.

Monster Corps

8 hrs./Mo.

This membership creates access by volunteering in the Monster Corps program.

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Ace Makerspace is a 95%-volunteer organization. We foster an air of collaboration and respect, so bring your energy and enthusiasm. There are two types of dues-paying participants: full members and member applicants (known as provisional members). Everyone starts out as provisional**.

The sign-up process

As with many things our sign-up process has shifted to accommodate the “new normal” as we all manage COVID-19 safety. For questions about this process please email [email protected].

The process below is as of June 28, 2022

  1. Set up your membership account online – (aka pay dues)
  2. Fill out your paperwork including your vaccination verification. Learn more
  3. Load up your photo to your account profile
  4. Come Get a Fob – Lots of pick-up options, but the best is at a tour. (You can pick up a FOB early if you come for a tour before signing up)
  5. Send your new FOB number for activation
  6. Attend the next New Member Orientation (this is highly recommended but not required)

Guest Account


This membership is for students and guests of members. This allows you to submit proof of vaccination and purchase things easily from Ace.

Set Up Account


  • 24/7 access to the space
  • Access to an amazing set of tools and technology + network of expertise
  • Participation and voice in a growing community
  • Access to locker rental, honor stores and more
  • Access to members-only content on the website
  • A COVID-19 safety-trained community

Learn more about AMT Culture and Safety


  • Make a monthly contribution of effort
  • Be 18 years old or older
  • Leave it cleaner than you found it
  • Safety
  • Security
  • Follow the social contract
  • Pay your dues on time
  • Complete all safety certifications need before using tools

with members

  • The Ace Makerspace community uses a Slack Workspace to connect with each other as well as get help from volunteer staff.
  • Our Slack Workspace is publicly accessible and you can join by inviting yourself via this form.
  • Want to come on a tour? Tours are every Wednesday. Check the calendar. You can also book a weekday tour through this link

Ace Makerspace is committed to creating an inclusive environment and is proud to be intentionally creating a diverse community.

*The Scholarship program is a subset of the Starving Hacker rate. Space is limited in the Scholarship program. Acceptance into the program doesn’t guarantee to lock-in the $45 rate for longer than 1 year, though the rate may be extended at the discretion of Ace Makerspace. Response times to applications are usually between 7 and 14 days.

**”Membership account” means a payment account on this website; it does not refer to full membership in the corporation known as Ace Makerspace.

***A recent recognizable picture for our non-public Member Directory is required for membership. This picture is never shared with the public, and it’s removed from the directory once your membership is no longer active.

**** In terms of tours, 1:1 means one tour guide to one germ pod of no more than three people. Please see COVID-19 Safety program.

Membership Activation. Ace Makerspace is volunteer-run. Key fob activation once all the sign-up criteria are met can take anywhere from 2 to 48 hours based on volunteer availability. Check your email if you don’t get your expected confirmation or ping [email protected] via email.

Membership Cancellation. All members control their own membership accounts including cancellation. Cancellations are not prorated and all billing is in 1-month increments. Membership is tied to access, not use. Refunds based on lack of use are usually not provided. Instructions for canceling or suspended memberships are on the Ace Makerspace Wiki.