Art desk
Art Hot Desk for Messy Projects! A special place for your goopiest, gluiest, most glittery projects.
Art Gallery Wall
Share Your Art with the Ace Community! Pick a spot to hang your creations.
UV resin pendent and supplies
Fantastic UV Resin Supplies to Play With!
Craft supplies
Discover Something New! There’s a whole box of craft supplies to explore!
Button Maker and supplies
Put it on a Button! The possibilities are endless.
Beads and pink-labeled box "Beads for Member Use."
Fulfill your Need to Bead!
Painting Supplies
Art Drying Racks
A Place to Dry and Cure Your Pieces!

Art Hot Desk 

The art hot desk is a great place to paint, make small resin projects, and get down with some (or a lot of) glitter. 

Art Gallery Wall

Share your favorite pieces with the community on the Art Gallery Wall! Just find an open spot and hang it up. 

UV Resin

Make fantastic UV Resin Jewelry and other small Resin Projects with supplies like silicon molds, UV flashlights, and other small tools! 


Gluing stuff to other stuff never gets old. There’s a box of fun craft supplies to play with like small dinos and googly eyes. 

Button Making

It could totally go on a button! Make them for every occasion or just for fun. There is a high quality button maker available for member use. You can also purchase button making supplies in the Art Area. 

Beading and Jewelry Making

Beads, fasteners, and kits available. 

Painting and Drawing 

Get artsy fartsy, relax and paint, draw, or make fun mixed media pieces. There are brushes, paints, easels available to use. 

Curing Racks 

There are two curing racks for drying and curing your works of art! 

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