CNC Router

Need to carve an intricate headboard, make a thousand cutting boards, or easily re-surface your woodworking project? Welcome to the world of digital routing at Ace Makerspace!

Taking the new CNC Router for a test drive shortly after delivery.
X, Y Axis Murals
X and Y Axis Murals for easy reference make our newly designed space approachable for novice CNC Operators.
Ace CNC Router - Full Bed Green

About the CNC Router Program

Ace has a new (2022) Full Bed Forrest Scientific CNC Router and a re-vamped program designed to provide an accessible point of entry for folks of all skill levels looking to gain modern fabrication skills!

Program Highlights

  • Only public accessible full bed CNC Router in the East Bay
  • Learning opportunities designed with total beginners in mind and at the table
  • New highly approachable curriculum and knowledge check
  • Training opportunities for instructors and teachers
  • Access for college students and graduates to continue building skills at their own pace

Getting Started with CNC Routing at Ace

As of this spring (2023) we’ve begun piloting our updated CNC Router Basics and Certification Workshop (see the Ace Calendar for opportunities). This beginner-friendly class covers the key principles of safe CNC Router operation in the Ace Shop and provides students with the information required to pass the certification knowledge check! 

Our Evolving Program

The Ace CNC Router Program is still in it’s early stages and you’re invited to be a part of the process! The perspective of beginners is especially important as we continuing building robust CNC Router learning opportunities for everyone!

Program development is still in progress…here’s what to look forward to:

  • Software Design Classes for CNC Routing
    • V-Carve Design for CNC Routing (less powerful, but less complicated)
    • Fusion 360º Design for CNC Routing (more powerful, but more complicated)
  • CNC Router Advanced Operation and Certification Workshop focused on 3D Routing and handling specialty materials (like plastic) safely
  • Open Labs with focused topics like “planing contours” and “cutting plastics”
  • Practice Projects like dice trays, bee-houses, and clocks

Ace is hiring CNC Fabrication Instructors! Learn more an apply on the Ace Opportunities Page

Upcoming Classes and Events