CNC Router

CNC Router (Wood) Training and Certification

Sunday, April 24th • 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM • $90

Gain the core digital and practical skills for creating CAD/CAM files and running the CNC Router at ACE. Laptop with Fusion 360º required.


Our industrial-quality CNC router at Ace Makerspace was inherited from a guitar maker in 2012, brought from Santa Cruz to Oakland, and is now used by our members. This large CNC router is capable of making complex curves and shapes in panels up to 5’ x 6’ at speeds of 200 inches/minute and finds use on projects of all sizes.

We continue to upgrade the CNC router with new features and parts. In 2016, it was improved with better dust collection, resurfaced to create a level working surface, and given a new central control box. This year we also created two videos on the Basics of CNC Router Operation to share with all maker spaces, and held classes at ACE on how to use ours. 

Training and certification

Notice: Ace is restructuring our CNC-Router education offering in response to the COVID-19 public health emergency. After several iterations we will be returning to live combinations classes in December 2021.

The CNC router program requires that users take the complete class including both digital and hands-on training. 

Big jobs take big tools

CNC Routers for the win.


Use Mach 4 to drive the router

CNC Routers rock

A bit of space for sheet goods storage

Community in bits and bits

laser cut wood surface tablet case front

Dust Collection is a must with CNC Routers

Red leather bracelet with etched Oakland skyline

We are batty for CNC Routers

More details about our large CNC router can be found on the wiki here: Large CNC Router

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