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How to Engage & Make Ace Possible


Monthly Opportunities

These opportunities repeat on a monthly basis. Each month we need volunteers.
Sign up once or on a regular basis. 


Oakland First Friday Booth Staff
The first Friday of the month in shifts start at 5pm ending at 8:30/9ish. Scripts to make it easy to talk to folks. Popular activities and a good time. Tacos are of course included. See #general on Slack to get the sign-up link.


Air Quality Maintenance (AQM)
This is usually mid-month, around the 17th to the 21st. This is a group activity and training is available. This job takes 4 hours and a 2-hour commitment is the smallest meaningful engagement block. See #workshop on Slack to get the sign-up link.


Sewcial Night Co-Hosting
This event is 6:30 to 9:30 PM on the third Friday of the month folks gather to work on various sewing projects or textiles-based activities. Help co-hosting this purely social occasion and potluck makes it welcoming and fun for everyone. Interest in textiles would be good but no special skills are needed outside of hosting. See #textiles on Slack to get the sign-up link.


Friday Night Art!
This event is 6:30 to 9:30 PM on the last Friday of the month. The format of the event is like Paint n’ Sip but with different themed activities. This event is a potluck and sliding scale. Co-hosting is a great way to help. No formal art experience is needed.  See #art on Slack to get the sign-up link.

One Time Opportunities

These opportunities general happen one time but can be repeated.


Review us on Google
Google is the primary way folks find us. A review helps is with ranking all while telling the authentic story of the Ace experience.


Take out the trash and recycle
Sometimes it is just the little things that count! On your way out you can take any trash or recycle to the dumpsters in the loading dock. Access to the loading dock is through the double doors or the door to the side of the main entry.


Post for us on Social Media
A picture is worth 1k words they say. Post about your projects or Ace experiences on social media and tag Ace Makerspace. We are on Instagram, Linked In, and Facebook.


Help Prepare Class Materials
We regularly need help preparing class materials. Usually on Fridays and Saturdays. This could involve laser cuttings. cutting down lumber, or stuffing kit envelopes. Please contact @Crafty on Slack for the next opportunity.


Update a Wiki Post
This may involve contacting domain experts for a phone call or zoom to get good information. There are also a lot of photo updates that need to be added. Please contact @Support on Slack for the next opportunity.

Join a team or be a leader

Ongoing opportunites

Do you have a few hours a week you can regularly commit to a leadership role? AMT needs you. We have opportunites ranging from 2 to 6 hours a week.

  • Board of Directors Openings – 3-5 hours per week (external link)
  • Membership Coordinators – 3 hours per week
  • Marketing Officer – 3-4 hours per week
  • Vice President / Operations Director – 2 hours per week + 2 meetings a month
  • Volunteer Coordinator – 2 hours per week + 1 meeting a month
  • Library Program Coodinator – 8 hours per month (external link)
  • Secretary – 12-20 hours per month

Project Based

Lead a project! You might have the skills to do the whole thing yourself or the skills to rally a team or oversee a contractor. One way or another you have the skills to complete a project!

  • Join the Booth Art Team and create a light installation for the Ace Events booth. #booth-bling
  • Join the fabrication team and make signage and more for the space #general

View all project-based opportunities on asana (login required)


Taking on leadership doesn’t have to mean signing away the next year of your life. AMT needs team leaders to move projects forward and hold the “vision” for the program team. Step up to lead one of these teams for 30, 60 or 90 days. 

… new teams forming!