Monster Corps Volunteering

Application Prerequisite

Please come for a tour* before applying to the Monster Corps Volunteer Program or making any appointments to discuss the program. Thank you.

Monster Corp Openings

As of October 27, 2022

Shop Maintenance. Everything from doing tool inspections to cleaning and organizing our workshop, machining, and CNC shops. There is a lot of dust collection and filter replacement. Recent relevant woodworking and tool maintenance experience is required. Additional training is available. This work requires joining 1 monthly maintenance 4-hour session + 1 or two other follow-up activities.

Media Distributor. Pick up flyers and then post them to various locations in Berkeley, North Oakland, and West Oakland. This requires approx. 4 hours 2x per month.

Art Teaching Assistant. We are seeking folks to assist art instructors and hosts. No experience is needed. Availability on the 4th Friday of the month from 6:30 to 9:30 is a must. The additional 5 hours per month is flexible and includes both TA’ing with students and preparation, including prototyping. Subject matter and diversity training are possible.

Metalworking  Instructors. We are seeking instructors to teach project-based workshops. These workshops may have a craft or art focus to them. No hot work, just machining, etc. Development support is provided. 4 hours a month are spent preparing and making prototypes and 4 hours are spent teaching adults in small groups. Previous experience teaching would be best. (Please note that Ace is hiring contract instructors as well but under different terms. Contact [email protected])

DEI Workshop Facilitator. Do you have a passion for inclusion and equity? Enjoy facilitating a great discussion. We are looking for folks to help give workshops that center around supported community conversations and diversity, equity, and inclusion topics. This includes the New Member Workshop and more.

Photo Printer Tech. Set up and organize our wide-format photo printer area. Complete regular cleaning and maintenance. Order and organize supplies. Keep documentation up to date.

Electronics Team Steward. We are looking for a maker with electronics experience to help maintain the electronics lab, teach small classes, and help drive the direction of the lab. This is an 8-hour-a-month commitment with additional members and Monster Corps support. Stewards complete onboarding training and leadership training, including diversity, equity and inclusion skills. 

*Please note the tour you took should be no more than 3 months prior to applying to the program. Ace is always iterating and improving and a tour two years ago won’t give you the relevant info you need to join the program.

How to join Monster Corps

  1. Come for a Tour of the space
  2. Choose the current opening that works for you
  3. Fill out the application below
  4. Complete a virtual interview
  5. If it is a match, complete sign up in 1.5 weeks
  6. Begin a 30-day trial and training
  7. Commit in 90-day blocks

Monster Corps FAQ

What Monster Corps does for Ace

Ace Makerspace is all about making access possible yet we are also volunteer-run which means we always need resources. Often time and effort are as valuable, if not more valuable, than cold hard cash. Monster Corps is the program we use to organize the group of awesome folks who give us 8 hours of their time on operational tasks a month. In order for folks to be successful volunteers, they are provided with membership. 

Who can be in Monster Corps

Anybody can be in Monster Corps… Well, anybody who normally qualifies for membership. Formal Monster Corps members are folks who completed the application process.

If you are an Ace member outside the Corps who would like to benefit from the program, please message on the #monster-corps channel on Slack. 

Ace Makerspace is committed to creating an inclusive environment and is proud to be intentionally creating a diverse community.