Monster Corps Volunteering

Application Prerequisite

Please come for a tour* before applying to the Monster Corps Volunteer Program or making any appointments to discuss the program. Please, also note the date of the Cohort Kick-off meeting. If you can’t make that meeting, please wait to apply in the next month. Thank you.

Monster Corp Openings

As of May 5, 2023

Community Teaching Assistants. We are seeking folks to assist instructors during project-based workshops teaching community skills like sharing. Duties include set up, greeting folks and helping to restore order at the end of the workshop. Workshops on Saturdays have a 9:30 start and may include picking up donuts from a shop a few blocks away. Workshops on Thrusday nights have a 6:30 pm set up time. Must be available for 3 workshops a month. See the calendar for the regular cadence. We provide all the needed training for this position. 

Textiles Teaching Assistants. We are seeking folks to assist instructors during project-based workshops. These workshops include sewing, textiles, and leatherworking. Some experience with these practices is required, but expert-level skills are optional. Must be comfortable teaching others basic skills in these areas. Most workshops happen on Weekends and evenings during the week. Workshops are between 2 and 4 hours long and have a 3-Min. Set up time prior. Some additional kit-making opportunities are available to support classes. This TA makes it possible for disabled teachers to provide instruction as a mobility accommodation, so the abilty to stand for a bit and lift 30 lbs is best. 

Sewcial Night Host. We are seeking a regular host for our Sewcial Night event every 3rd Friday of the month from 6pm to 9/9:30pm. Comfortablity hosting and creating an inclusive social environment is a must. Enthusiasm for sewing and textiles is helpful. Training and orientation to the Ace Textiles Studio are provided so you can have a great time hosting with confidence. Commitment in 90-day sprints desired after the first 30 days. 

Woodworking Teaching Assistants. We are seeking folks to assist instructors during project-based workshops. These workshops include projects like cutting boards, spice racks, knife blocks, etc. Comfortability with tools such as routers, drill presses, and saws needed. Requires two 3 to 4-hour commitments a month spent teaching adults in small groups. TAs are expected to complete training, including diversity equity and inclusion skills, as opportunities occur. Previous woodworking and teaching experience would be best. Availability after work (6:30-10 pm) during the week or on weekends. 

Laser Maintence Teacher/Tech. Teach one 3-hour basic laser maintenance class a month, during the course of the class complete the basic maintenance on the laser. The class would be no more than 4 students. Training is provided for the core basic maintenance and Ace culture needed for training others. Additional duties include making sure to inventory cleaning and maintenance supplies and request things that are low, cleaning up the shelves as they get messy, and making sure the cleaning stuff stays organized. 

Office/Administrative. Do you love a well-crafted spreadsheet? Do you like to make pretty google doc charts? Then we have just the opportunity. Help run month-end numbers from the first to the 9th for about 4 hours. Then take on other administrative tasks such as filing, organizing photos, and web page updates (easy WordPress stuff) for an additional 4 hours a month. Basic task training is provided. Good skills with spreadsheets, documents, and google drive are needed.

Media Distributor. Pick up flyers and then post them at various locations in Berkeley, North Oakland, and West Oakland. This requires approx. 4 hours 2x per month

DEI Workshop Facilitator. Do you have a passion for inclusion and equity? Enjoy facilitating a great discussion. We are looking for folks to help give workshops that center around supported community conversations and diversity, equity, and inclusion topics. This includes the New Member Workshop and more.

Wiki content generator. Spend 8 hours a month updating and creating wiki content about the tools in the space. This requires both on-site research and photo capture plus the ability to google basic tool information. Collaboration with tool stewards and subject matter experts is also part of the content generated. Each month a report out in the monthly newsletter of new or updated wiki entries is required. WordPress training available.

*Please note the tour you took should be no more than 3 months prior to applying to the program. Ace is always iterating and improving and a tour two years ago won’t give you the relevant info you need to join the program.

Next Monster Corps Cohort Onboarding

Saturday, June 3rd, 12:30PM to 2:30PM • By invitation after application

How to join Monster Corps

Every month we onboard one cohort of applicants into the Monster Corps program.* 

  1. Come for a Tour of the space
  2. Choose the current opening that works for you
  3. Check the schedule for when the monthly Cohort starts
  4. Fill out the application below
  5. Once accepted, join a monthly cohort kick-off

Monster Corps FAQ

What Monster Corps does for Ace and the Oakland community

Ace Makerspace is all about making access possible yet we are also volunteer-run which means we always need resources. Often time and effort are as valuable, if not more valuable, than cold hard cash. Monster Corps is the program we use to organize the group of awesome folks who give us 8 hours of their time on operational tasks a month. In order for folks to be successful volunteers, they are provided with membership. 

Who can be in Monster Corps

Anybody can be in Monster Corps… Well, anybody who normally qualifies for membership. Formal Monster Corps members are folks who completed the application process.

If you are an Ace member outside the Corps who would like to benefit from the program, please message on the #monster-corps channel on Slack. 

Ace Makerspace is committed to creating an inclusive environment and is proud to be intentionally creating a diverse community.

*We can currently only offer one onboarding per month and cannot offer individual program onboarding. We hope when we can afford more support staff that, we can offer weeknight or 1:1 options.