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Light-up Holiday Cards at the Library

We had a blast making light-up holiday and birthday cards with families at the Golden Gate Branch Library. Each person started by designing their very own circuit with 1 to 4 LED lights, a battery, and a switch. Pushing the switch lit up the card!

Reindeer games!
Lighting up the night sky
Cats and christmas trees… need we say more?


Some folk crafted their own pictures, while others added lights to art paper. Either way, each person brought their own spark to the experience.

Oakland Pride Jewelry at the Library

We celebrated pride with some Oakland love at the Golden Gate Library!

We brought laser-cut Oakland trees and alcohol ink. Families brought their creativity and spark. Together, we made lots of rainbow-colored, Oakland-themed earrings and key rings. A wonderful way to show our Oakland Pride!

Crafty Painting Extra treas for the librarians
Trees painted with alcohol ink
Oakland pride trees coming off the laser
Pretty painted oakland pride trees





Bristle Bots at the library

Pet Robots at the Library

Bristle Bots are adorable critters made of googly eyes on a bristle-brush body that wiggle and dance their way across any smooth surface. Through a basic motor, these little guys vibrate their bristles and move!

Families joined us at the Golden Gate Library to make their very own Bristle Bot pets. We built the bodies using toothbrushes, hand saws, hot glue, soldering irons, and sandpaper, then each person decorated their dancing pet to give it its own unique personality. Then, participants got to race their bots against each other!

Programmable LED Costume Props at the Library

At the Golden Gate Library, we got together with folks to make programmable LED costume props.

We had a variety of laser-cut kits for folks to choose from, including cuff bracelets, tiaras, and more. Folks then sewed conductive thread, microcontrollers, and LEDs to create and customize their programmable costume prop. This project is geared toward makers 14 and up.