The long view in coworking is super bright with lots of skylights.

Tasty treats for everyone!

A convenient Honor Bar for snacks, drinks, and little supplies and tools that make making pleasant. 

Three Coworking workstations

Safely distanced desks with comfy chairs and access to peripherals like extra monitors and keyboards. 

One screen is not enough

Sometimes being productive requires a new view

Rentable storage and comfy workstations

Extra laptops and such for use on-site


Ace Makerspace has a great co-working space committed to providing a resource for makers, hackers, and entrepreneurs. If you live close by and are looking for a casual place to work, you’ve come to the right place! We maintain a café style atmosphere so not absolute quiet.

We have comfortable workspaces with plenty of power and task lighting. There is a chill space and a small kitchen with an honor bar.

This space also is a flex space and easily converts to a classroom space with a wifi projector and basic teaching tools.

Learn more about Ace Makerspace Membership.

Stewards and Leaders in Coworking

Coworking Steward

This position is currently open. Read more about this volunteer opportunity here.