Bringing people together to create, learn and solve life’s challenges with an amazing array of tools, technology, and project-based education. All in inclusive spaces, serving everybody in Oakland and beyond.


Supporting our mission is met with more than just space and tools. We hold the following values as integral to our success:

We are intentionally growing a welcoming community of diverse people with an economically accessible offering. We bring together makers, craftspeople, hobbyists, entrepreneurs, programmers, creators and hackers in Oakland, CA and the greater East Bay.
The spirit of curiosity is at the heart of hacking, our culture of camaraderie makes for a welcoming place for those who are willing to try something new or ask how things work.
Sharing expertise, ideas and knowledge is what makes growth possible as a community, as individuals and as professionals.
We promote an environment of cooperation where conducting ourselves with respect for each other and the space is expressed through active transparency and communication.



Ace Makerspace (Formerly Ace Monster Toys, “AMT”) is a 501(c)(3) non­profit member-supported organization founded in 2011. We support traditional makers and craftspeople as well as hackers both digital and material. Our community brings together people of diverse skill levels by providing resources and culture to build networks, co-work, and engage in projects that benefit individuals and the community at large. The resources we develop include spaces and a wide variety of tools and supplies to support making and learning.


Steven Sheffield


Steven joined in September 2018 ACE specifically to help with our “financial things” and support the community. He brings professional experience working with schools across the country. He enjoys helping non-profits worry less about the finances and more about the programming. After moving across the country three times (!) he looks forward to learning the laser and enjoying all the Bay Area has to offer.

Learn more about what Steven does at AMT here.


Jacky R. with dog

Jacky Rossiter

Communications Associate

Jacky joined Ace Makerspace in 2022 as the Communication Associate. They have a B.A. in Gender Studies and Comparative Literature from Barnard College and are an experienced educator, sales professional, and team leader. In their free time, they enjoy making a self-cleaning terrarium–dioramas for their carnivorous plants, leading art workshops for their friends and family, sewing, and hanging out with their 8-year-old pitbull, Mudge. Born and raised in the Bay Area, they are excited to share all of the fabulous activities and projects at Ace Makerspace with the broader community. They look forward to learning new skills, making new friends, and being part of a supportive, creative community!


Liz Patrician 

Operations Manager

Liz officially stepped into the Operations Manager role in 2022, but has been around as a member for many years. As a life-long maker she really appreciates not only the fantastic tools at Ace, but also the incredible community that comes with them. When she isn’t leatherworking, crafting, sewing, or dabbling in laser cutting you can find her in nature taking pictures of mushrooms and slimy things in tide pools.