On-Request Classes

AMT volunteer and contract instructors offer a lot of classes. Not all of them might be on the calendar. Both volunteers and contract teachers need a minimum number of students for a class or workshop to be sustainable. That is why most classes are scheduled based in interest.

If you are interested in a class (see list) that is not on the schedule there is a path to getting the class on the calendar. Do the logistics work for the instructor. This is how:

  • Find at least 3 people including your self who want the class. (tips and ettiquet for posting on Slack)
  • Work among yourself to work out 3 dates all three of you can make.
  • Post on the relevant slack channel asking for an instructor! Include the dates you can all make.

We have yet to see this method fail in getting a class scheduled.

Available classes and workshops

General/Soft Skills


  • Textile Tuesday (Lab)
  • Sewing 101 Bootcamp
  • Sunday Sewing Support (Lab)
  • Wearable electronics for Cosplay


  • BoxBots Build Party (Lab)
  • Electronics Night (Lab)
  • Sunday Sewing Support (Lab)
  • Wearable electronics for Cosplay


  • Basics of Using the CNC Mill (Competency)
  • Metal shop basic tool use


  • Large CNC Router (Wood) Training and Certification
  • Band Saw + Drill Press 101 (Competency/Certification)
  • Workshop Intensive – 6 tools (Competency/Certification)
  • Jointer + Planer 101 (Competency/Certification)
  • Table Saw + Panel Saw 101 (Competency/Certification)
  • Lathe 101 (Competency/Certification)
  • Router Basics
  • Joinery
  • Furniture Making

3D Printing

  • 3D Printer 101 (Competency and lab)
  • Fusion 360 basics


  • Laser Cutter 101: Safety and basic operation (Competency)
  • Laser Cutting for leather, fabrics and faux fur
  • Illustrator for Laser Cutting
  • File Prep for the Laser Cutter
  • Fusion 360 basics


  • Illustrator for Laser Cutting
  • Fusion 360 basics


  • Art and Tea