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Project Wrap Up: Purge and Build Day

Our 2016 Summer purge was a great success. We cleaned out a large truckload of stuff and built out several areas. Here are just a few pictures of the upstairs. We have a few projects like building a supply closet to finish up but all in all everyone is pleased with the results.

Everything that had to go
Swanky new laser table
Swanky new laser table
No more piles and you can now easily access the pressure washer and vacuum
Clean and tidy in laser materials storage
Clean and tidy in laser materials
Fully functioning Member Services Desk
New filing and organization of supplies.
New way to organize member paperwork
All the pretty flyers
The new kitchenette complete with microwave and honor bar.
New project display shelves
We organized all the things!
Games and Library.
Looking for something? Look no more… all the forms and paperwork refills ever.
Office supplies all ready to go.
Our clean new after shot.