AMT 360º Climate Control Upstairs

In the height of summer it can get mighty toasty upstairs. Here is how you can beat the heat with these different tools.

Fan and Heater Controls


Like all the things in the space we have hacked the environmental controls.

Exhaust Fan


This fan is a little loud but venting the air is a very important thing. If noise isn’t an issue or maybe even if some white noise would be a good thing this is the fan to use.

Cabana Fan


This is a standard cabana Fan. This is the switch. Not sure why but it is wired to go faster when sent to a lower number. Warning it gets really windy right under it.

Air Conditioner

swamp-cooler swamp-cooler2

This is a “swamp” cooler. That means that requires water to get the maximum cooling effect. You can use any vessel you like to fill it up on the side hatch and we use the tap water from the sink in the hallway.

If you use the 5 gallon drinking water container to fill it up, please refill it for your parched fellow members.

This air conditioner give the maximum effect if it is positioned in proximity to the running cabana fan. It also has a handy timer so you can set it and not have to worry about running down the water with nobody there to enjoy the cool air.