Leadership Team

Our leadership team is here to help! Read on to learn about our team of officers and how they serve the membership. To meet the board see our about page. This is a great place to look to find out who you should contact to answer a question, resolve an issue, or get more involved at Ace! Learn more about how decisions are made at Ace

Meet the Team

Rachel Sadd

Executive Director

Slack: @crafty
Email : [email protected]


  • Drives development and operations according to the Ace Mission, Vision and Values and the Goals as set by the board
  • Functions as the outward fact of the org and affinity organizations and community groups
  • Program development, including classes and workshops
  • Executive-level operations including contracts with service providers,¬†executive sponsorship for projects, and¬†operational fiscal responsibility
  • Recruits and support stewards; fill in when positions are not staffed, as possible
  • Provides leadership support for others on the leadership team
  • Completes org-based purchasing not covered by other stewards or officers
  • Functions as a point of contact during emergencies
  • Is the current point of contact for volunteers and Monster Corps members

Steven Sheffield


Slack : @steven.sheffield
Email : [email protected]


  • Oversees financial processes
  • Drives fiscal responsibility
  • Leads the budget creations process
  • Manages refunds, expense reporting, etc.
  • Ensures all accounting, bookkeeping meet sound business practices.
  • Manages accountant relationship and bookkeeping team
  • Partners with the leadership team
  • Manages many aspects of the ACE Store

Matt Cridland

Vice President

Slack : @Matt
Email :
[email protected]


  • Assists with core operational functions of ACE including project management and some program development
  • Assists with recruitment and vetting of stewards/teams, and completes or coordinates steward/team onboarding/training
  • Ensures safety in the org
  • Completes org and program purchasing
  • Processes new member accounts and on-boarding (team activity)
  • Helps manage and maintain access systems/FOBs
  • Manages incident reports/peer-review process