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Making a Knife Handle

This is an almost-complete project that I made at AMT using the band saw, drill press, and drum sander. It is my first attempt at a knife handle. I started with a rusty old blade, which I soaked in vinegar overnight, then cleaned up with solvent. I then filed the metal flat where the wood would go and drilled three holes the same size as the brass rod that I bought. I found a nice piece of wenge wood in the dumpster of a high end furniture manufacturer here in the East Bay. After re-sawing on the band saw, I traced the outline of the handle shape and holes on the wood. I trimmed the pieces on the band saw and drilled the holes for the brass rod. I epoxied it all together and clamped it for several hours before filing the sides and sanding the wood just up to the
metal. All that’s left is the final shaping to round and smooth out the handle, then finishing and polishing the  wood with cyanoacrylate, and sharpening the blade.