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AMT Boxes of Voltage

Field Guide to AMT’s Boxes of Voltage

We have different types of Boxes of Voltage for your use in the Electronics Area.  While each is a Box that contains Voltage, they are each a special snowflake with special abilities to help you do that thing you want to do.

All Boxes of Voltage have a 1000mA amp meter to show you how much current your project is currently running.  Over one amp and the system will still power your project but the meter itself will show dashes.

All Boxes of Voltage have spring loaded terminals in the front, Red is the positive Voltage and Black if Ground.

USB power port for acyclic Box of Voltage

The Orange Acrylic Box of Voltage is a simple USB powered box of five volts variant.  Plug power into the USB port on the side to feed the box a healthy supply of five volts to electrify whatever it is you need.  The on/off switch is self explanatory.  You can see all the electronics involved in this simple box by looking inside and seeing the electrons flow back and forth within the orange.


Box of Many Volts

The Box of Many Volts is new and improved version of the venerable Box of Five Volts.  Instead of just the five volts, it was decided to add a switch that allows you to choose between that number and the smaller and also popular three point three volts.  Newer electronics projects are moving to lower voltages to save on power requirements and thus, the Box of Many Volts was born.   Notice that the Box of Many Volts is the only battery powered, look Ma No Wires Box of Voltage we have in Electronics and thus needs to have the internal battery charged on a regular basis.  The charging is simple enough, plug it into the USB port on the side and look that the charging indicator light.  Red is charging, Blue is fully charged.  All directions are on the box itself.


The USB PowerUSB powered Variable Box of Voltageed, Variable Box of Voltage is the newest and most complex Box of Voltage available in Electronics.  You will note it has a Knob on it.  This Knob is to turn and twist and adjust the voltage the box puts out, from one point five volts all the way up to over thirty volts.  It’s a multiturn potentiometer and allows you to dial in the voltage you need to great precision.   The Voltage meter at the top of the box will tell you what voltage are currently dialed into and the milliAmps meter is the old Box of Voltage standby.  This box as well requires a USB power connection to turn on to the obvious USB port in the back.   Luckily the Electronics Area has provided twenty USB power ports for the upstairs room for your general use to charge your phone or power a Box of Voltage.


When you are done using a Box of Voltage, please return it to their native location.  While they are wonderful tools, self locomotion is not one of their skill sets.