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Zoe Conley

Coworking Steward

Hi, I’m Zoë, I volunteered to be the coworking steward because I want to help folks find their place at Ace, as quickly and easily as possible, even if they don’t feel their skills are up to par yet. I want to help create a space for doers and makers who need the comfort of the community before jumping in. I joined Ace with a lot of ambition to make and create, but I didn’t quite have the skills to make it any of it happen. And the idea of just jumping right into all of these big machines and tools really deterred me at first. Over my first year with Ace, I became more comfortable, learned how helpful and inviting the community is, and found my footing, and I’d like to help others do the same.

    josh in mask

    Josh L.

    Metal Shop Steward

    After moving to the Bay Area several months ago, Josh found Ace Makerspace completely by chance and decided to join for two main reasons. One reason was that Ace offered easy shop access for a recent graduate itching to do some work. The other is that Josh wanted to share his experience with others and spread the knowledge that he has gained both in college and on his own. He brings his engineering and industrial design education to his role as the Metal steward.

    Josh primarily maintains the metal shop and is part of a movement to make the entire space more user-friendly. Josh also spearheads teaching several classes a month making the metal shop accessible to beginners and experts alike.

      ted hullar

      Ted Hullar

      3D Printing Steward

      Ted has been hanging around ace for 4 years or so building things in electronics, 3D printing, and metal machining. He enjoys a wide range of tools available at Ace and the growing Ace community.  Read more