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These are folks who have served on the board of directors.

Patrick Safinya-Davies

Most of Patrick’s projects are related to records and vinyl culture. You’ll often find him working on his latest project with the laser cutter. When he’s not working on music-related projects, Patrick also enjoys a recently rediscovered love for comic books.

Many of his making skills have come from a sense of curiosity and willingness to observe the world around him. This has led him on a circuitous path along which he’s picked up a lot of knowledge. He enjoys solving problems and being a part of decision-making processes, which led him to run for the board of directors. From his perspective, everyone has a voice and can help steer the organization.

He loves the wealth of knowledge and skills that AMT community members have and their willingness to share with everyone. He also appreciates that AMT has such a commitment to growth and development. As a director, he wants to engage with the community, specifically folks who may like to utilize AMT’s resources but didn’t know were available.

    Chris O'Sullivan

    Chris O’Sullivan

    Chris joined AMT in the fall of 2014 and has contributed by teaching, participating in space builds and repairs, giving tours and much more. Chris has served on the board several times and in this latest term was elected as the Chairperson.

    Chris brings 15+ years of experience working in startups, business, product dev, mentoring and advisory roles. The interplay of intention and well thought out action have inticed Chris into serving on the AMT Board. He looks forward to focusing on sustainability and outreach in his role as a director.

    When not contributing to the community Chris can be found working a wide variety of woodworking, metalworking, and electrical projects. He enjoys the helpful people and good programming here at AMT. He really likes the creative process.

      cela s

      Cela Smith


      Cela discovered Ace Monster Toy Makerspace at the May 2019 Board Match Event in San Francisco. She is excited to focus on fundraising and analytics and brings a new strategic voice to the board. She was attracted to the strong community at AMT and the resources we offer folks. 

      Cela brings 10+ years of professional experience including systems and process optimization and a pragmatic approach. Her experience with leading cross-functional teams and non-profit finance will be a true asset on the AMT board. When she is not focused on “closing” projects and initiatives that make things work better she dreams of one day opening n oatmeal restaurant/dog rescue