Gallery wall with photo portraits and shadow boxes

MakeXpression Art Opening at Ace Makerspace

Over 60 people came out to celebrate the culmination of an 8 month collaboration between Ace Makerspace and local artist, Miriam Levenson on a line of laser-cut jewelry representative of the Ace’s vision of a world where making is for everyone. This artwork, made possible through a grant from The Blue Heart Creator’s Fund, explores the idea that identity isn’t given, it’s made and disrupts exclusionary cultural narratives around who can be considered a maker. The exhibition featured 8 shadow boxes with laser-cut jewelry and 20 photo portraits taken by Greg Habiby of folks in the community who volunteered to model the artwork. Throughout the evening, guests enjoyed tasty vegetarian snacks catered by Chef Terry Betts, a pop-up store hosted by The Spooky Haus, and micro tours of the Ace Workshops led by Member Services Associate Saron.

Read more about the making of this project:

5 people smiling under gallery wall with photo portraits
From left: Photographer Greg Habiby, Ace Communications Associate Jacky Rossiter, Artist Miriam Levenson, Ace Makerspace Executive Director Rachel Sadd, Exhibit Designer Liz Patrician
4 people smiling in front of gallery wall
From left: Blue Heart Program Director Ashley Kelly;  Artist Miriam Levenson, Emeryville Mayor Courtney Welch, Ace Makerspace Executive Director Rachel Sadd
Large group of people posing for picture in front of art gallery
MakeXpression models from top left: Ollie, Chloe, Liz, Obi, Ali, Miriam (artist), Momo, Jacky, Greg (photographer)
Large group of people mingling in brightly lit space
Folks mingling at the MakeXpression Opening
Colorful booth with laser-cut, resin, and leather accessories
Miriam putting the finishing touches on the Spooky Haus Pop-up Store.


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