Hoover Garden Project – December Update


Highlights of the Dec 20th Meeting:

  • Attendees Included:  Crafty Rachel, Serena Patel
  • We discussed overarching design tools and relevancy, outlined an approach for design.
  • We began to develop a list of classroom activities and began to map to dates.
  • Cal Collaborators were invited to author content about the project for the Blog
  • Agreed on an overarching area of scope in the partnership
  • Discussed scholarship requirements and suggestions for ESW students,  AMT training and certification for ESW scholars and craft work and classroom activities.
  • Begin to compile a list of classroom activities and dates.  Brainstormed on activities in two groups “Big Kids” and “Little Kids”

Highlights of the Dec 27th Meeting:

  • Attendees Included: Vanessa, Wanda Stewart, Crafty Rachel,  Serena Patel 
  • Three Scholarships were confirmed
  • March Build Day Go/No-Go decided as a “GO”
  • Discussed information needs for March Build Day – build goals and funding, firm deliverables for funding, logistics for the day – food, parent and teacher engagement, tools, site coordinators.
  • AMT to host, possible to do multiple dates
  • Rachel to work with AMT approach AMT community for assistance in Promotion.
  • January 15th Workday  – Confirmed as a “go”
    • AMT has booth for table top activity
    • Activity ideas – voting/collaboration – draw your dream garden, color a garden, draw a chicken coop, vote for your favorite.  Stretch Goal – compile a look book from results.
  • Work Day Project ideas – build a path, construct benches, worm bins,.
  • Visual Language Design:  Rachel to post to blog in lieu of a presentation.
  • Classroom activities will start – Feb 7th.   Wednesdays 3-5th Graders, Thursdays 8-Noon 3rd and 5th Graders.  Sessions will be 100 minutes.   Fridays, Start Feb 2,  Kindergarden and First Graders 1:15-1:45. Sessions will be 30 minutes.
    • For classroom activities bring feedback and capture new ideas from participants.
  • Need to develop a facebook page for the garden project.