Hoover Elementary School Edible Garden Project

AMT is thrilled to be partnering with Hoover Elementary School in Oakland for a community benefit project. With the help of a team of engineering students from UC Berkeley, AMT will provide the community, space, tools, minor funding and mentorship to help create a truly edible community garden at the school. Our partnership will focus on signage, other usability aspects and will include developing classroom content to engage students in the design and build process.

We will be starting to meet weekly for design co-working in the space during the last week of November. We are part of a larger team doing a complete garden build out lead by the Hoover Elementary garden steward Wanda Stewart. We are actively seeking mentors, educators, and makers who are excited to get involved and contribute to this project.

All kinds of support are welcomed: whether you are interested in documenting, building, developing classroom content or designing builds in the garden.

Contact @crafty on Slack to get involved! Or email [email protected]