TechShop may be closed but your community isn’t

On November 15th TechShop folded… and folks have a ton of questions. This post attempts to answer them as well as offer folks some new options we added to take care of things. Ace Monster Toys makerspace is committed to being a community resources especially in these wacky time. If we don’t have what the TS orphans need we will do our best to connect you with folks that do.

Tours, Meet-ups and Classes

We have added a some things to address the needs of the community. We will add more as the situation develops.

Tour – Thursday, November 16th – 7pm

General meeting and round table discussion with special guests from other spaces – Thursday, November 16th – 7:30pm (food and drink served)

Laser 101 – Saturday, November 18th – 11am – 12:30pm (required for using our laser)

Tour – Saturday, November 18th – 12:45 – 1:15pm

Update: AMT is an all volunteer-run member supported community. Unless we have posted a specific event or you have made personal arrangements with a member please don’t just drop in. We are not open to the public outside of events posted on but you can join our Slack team on our contact page to possibly make special arrangements outside of events by emailing [email protected] .


Tools and Equipment at AMT

Tools and what we have are covered on this overview page.

Laser! Yes we have one. It is very affordable. You have to take the $5 Laser 101 Class and pass an online test to use it. The soonest that can happen is Saturday afternoon.

Any of the tools that can hurt you easily or are easy to break require certification.


How AMT is different than TechShop

We are volunteer run… so set your response time expectations and service expectations accordingly. Also when asking for somebody’s time and energy remember you are asking for personal effort.

We are a community not a rental facility. You can read more here about the differences.

AMT Members are expected to do more that just pay dues. All members are expected to do one small task a month and participate in one large task or build per year.

We don’t use booking systems for tool use… members talk to each other instead. Mostly on slack.