Dollars Against Dust

Exciting news in the AMT Workshop! We are embarking on a plan to improve the air quality in the AMT workshops. We estimate that we should see a 35% improvement in air quality in the shop. That is a lot of good considering that the AMT workshops serve over 400 people a year.

The plan is not very difficult but it is rather costly, coming in at $1100 almost precisely ($1105.72 is the boring real number). Unsurprisingly, this is where you all come in, we at the shop need to raise $750 to make this plan a reality the other $350 will be matched by AMT.

What is this plan we hear you ask, well, the plan is to:

  • Installing two 400 CFM air cleaners in each of the shop spaces meaning we would cycle and scrub the air in each space approximately every 4 minutes (slightly longer in the front room and slightly shorter in the rear room).
  • The new air cleaners will be remote controlled (meaning no climbing on tables to get to them).
  • These air cleaners will have timers to run for an hour after you leave the shop, meaning the air should be nice and clear for the next person coming in.
  • On top of this we want to revive the once active air quality monitor in the shop, so we can really see what the shop air quality is! (an air quality readout is what the big blank TV in the corner used to display).

“HOW CAN I HELP” we hear you clamor, well, in one of three ways we say!

Donate to the Cause

Making a cash donation directly to AMT means that 97% of your donation goes to the project and it is tax deductible.


Buy a Raffle Ticket

Donate via raffle tickets for a chance to win cool prizes like redwood burls and original art. $5 per ticket, drawing at the general meeting on December 13th.


Buy a ticket to the “Ask an Expert” fundraiser

Get expert advice on your projects including those important gifts you are making this season at our “Ask an Expert” fundraiser December, 6th from 6pm – 9pm.

$10 for members
$25 for non-members

 $10 for Members

 $25 for Non-members