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Ace Monster Toys and COVID-19

Makerspaces by their nature are gathering places for people. We take that responsibility seriously.

In response to the recent global pandemic COVID-19 (commonly known as “Coronavirus”), Ace Monster Toys, Inc. (AMT) has adopted a policy to assess the current safety of operating a meeting facility in Alameda County. As the public health threat increases, AMT will balance the needs of our facility’s users against a desire to avoid compounding a potential public health emergency.

AMT will assess the level of public health emergency per to the Alameda County Department of Public Health’s published guidance, e.g. for COVID-19 at their COVID-19 homepage.

Here are the current levels of public health emergency and the actions that AMT will take at each level:

Level 1: Exercise Normal Precautions

Threshold: More than 1 instance in Alameda County
AMT Actions:

  • Policy reviewed and posted to #general
  • Officers designated point of contact for outbreak (and an alternate)
    • Rachel S. (@Crafty), @officers

Level 2: Exercise Increased Caution

Threshold: More than 10 instances in Alameda County OR a significant number in the greater Bay Area

AMT Actions:

  • People who are coughing/sniffling/feverish are politely asked to leave. 
  • Signage about germ transmission placed at the entrance and in all rooms.

Level 3: Restricted Access

Threshold: More than 100 instances in Alameda County OR a dramatic increase of cases in a short time in the greater Bay Area

AMT Actions:

  • Public events and classes are canceled and suspended
  • Only members (and their supervised guests) are allowed in the space.

Level 4: Closed

Threshold: Health departments formally recommend citizens avoid congregating

AMT Actions:

  • AMT is closed. 
  • Point of contact (or designated person) will lock AMT doors with manual keys and store keys offsite until all clear.

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