3D print meeting wrap-up, August 22, 2016

Three guests joined us at last night’s meeting: Newcomers Katrina and John and ever-faithful veteran Enric.

Enric spent most of the night tweaking the programming for his cool blinkey roller skates (with 3D printed electronics enclosure).

I walked through a printer demo for Katrina and John, printing a cool statuette of an owl that Katrina found on Thingiverse.

While that was printing we ran through a quick design demo. I keep a few different strengths of dollar-store reading glasses on hand in my shop, and wanted a good way to hang them on my tool-board. So we brainstormed a little hook and modeled it in Fusion 360.

3dp-glasseshook-modelIt’s always satisfying to go from idea to finished thing in one session. This one worked, but everyone had thoughts for improvement as soon as it came off the build plate. The glasses fall off unless they’re very carefully placed on the hook. Maybe a flat section on the bottom and a wider hook portion would make it a bit more reliable. Here’s the Fusion 360 model, in case you’d like to have a closer look, and maybe tackle those improvements!


All in all, another fun night!