Workshop Organization: The Story in Pictures

So we bit of organization in the workshop and put some things in storage. Everyone who showed up really did a great job. We still have some tweaks and more labeling to do… oh, and we want to make a nice map of the room.

reachable tools!
All the sleds, push sticks, and jig you could ask for.
Birds eye view.
The culling is coming.. oh, yes it is.
There really are more pipe camps… big ones in the closet.
Supply closets supplin’
All the things
Electronics sans dust… please keep stuff off the floor in hear.
The yellow zone
Drills, driver and miter boxes.
Measuring Tools
MOAR Power!!
It’s all numbers
More measuring
Next up… build a tool caddy for the lathe stand
The new home of First Aide and Protective gear
Temporary hardware
Power Tool Bins
Power tool bins with labels
Bandsaw and Jointer stored all cozy like
The jointer in its relaxed position
Space available in project storage.
Sheet goods with a little bit of effort
Scrappy keeps on scrappin’
The finest in mobile dust collection thanks to Pierre
All the under work bench tools
Under work bench tools
More under work bench tools