Win Six Months of Membership at Ace Makerspace: Logo Needed

We have the name… Now we need the look!

Ace Monster Toys has recently rebranded as Ace Makerspace, and we are looking for a new logo to drive our new identity! Submit your logo idea to us. Winner will receive 6 months of membership at Ace Makerspace.

  • What are we looking for? We need a logo that is clean, readable at many scales, and easy to produce in black & white or color. Think good for laser, good for clothing, works with stickers, printed materials, websites, etc. This logo should represent our personality of “Playful, Approachable, Curious, Open, Welcoming, Community”
  • Does it have to be perfect? Absolutely not! We are looking for a great design. Napkin-sketches are fine if they convey a great idea. We don’t require a production-quality image/files for you to submit an entry.
  • Who owns the artwork? We respect that your work is your work. By submitting an entry, you are agreeing to give the design to Ace only if it is selected as the winner.  You retain ownership of any designs not selected.
  • Who can submit an entry? This contest is open to everyone, both current Ace Makerspace members and the public.
  • Can I submit more than one entry? Sure!
  • If I win, can I gift the membership to another person? Yes, this can be arranged.
  • Will I get recognition? Of course – you will be celebrated in our newsletter and an announcement on our website.
  • Why aren’t you contracting with a designer to do this work? We would love to, are you a designer who wants to barter for membership? If so, send us a quote for the logo development and a link to your portfolio.

Please submit your entry through the form. The deadline to enter is June 30. Winner will be announced by July 5th assuming something works out.

Submit an entry