Goals for 2017-2018

As an organization every fiscal year (July-June) we choose 5 goals to serve that inform how leaders run and direct the org. For decisions big and small the decision are informed by “how does this serve the goals”… and if the answer is it doesn’t… well then we don’t do it.

The goal creation process starts by surveying the membership. That information is then taken into a workshop with the board and the top 5 goals are chosen. After that the leadership team works together to define what actions we will take to support those goals and what success might look like.

For more information on how you can contribute to achieving these community goals ask questions on the #general channel on slack and ping @officers.

These are the goals for the 2017-2018 Fiscal Year.


Goal: 25% women by June 2018

Goal: We will reach out to diverse groups 6 times over the next year.


  • Reach out consists of going to their events as representatives of AMT.
  • Contacting to leaders about mutual support
  • Offering beneficial internship/membership
  • Invite outside group

More Leaders

Goal: Be fully staffed


  • Tell one positive leadership story a month
  • Celebrate one leader a month – with specifics about contribution
  • Post a job opening on the door/in space per month.
  • Changing signage in the space – see LED signs
  • Recruitment effort for a Fundraising Coordinator  focusing outside the org
  • Reward leaders

Stronger Community 


  • Slack statistics
  • Weekly meeting attendance
  • Vote participation
  • Door logs (door closers)
  • Blog entries


  • Do 3x med-large social events
  • Redo member meeting format
  • 1 Group Build
  • 6 Build along events a year (every other month)



  • Auto charge cards for AMT Bills by August 31st
  • Eye-fi like cameras in the space for users
  • Instagram (check out that)
  • Press – This (education) – tentative ( research)
  • Process Mapping – Map 1 process per month and analysis for efficiency (officers)
  • FATT



  • Standard template for tool documentation – Templates for documentation types
  • Document 3 things a month
  • Revisit 3 Wiki pages a month
  • Define desired documentation TAP and process by 3 month