Call for Burners / Makers / Artists: DIY Burner Fashion Week

AMT is putting together a week of workshops focused on Burner Fashion July 23rd -29th.
Current Workshops Ideas include:
  • LED Fairy Wings
  • Leather Feathers
  • TuTu Good (epic tutu making)
  • Laser Cutting Faux Fur
  • “Help me finish this…” a project completion lab
AMT has:
  • Large laser cutter
  • Classroom space to teach programming etc
  • A full textiles studio
  • Electronics Lab
  • 3D Printing
  • Woodworking and more
If you are interested in doing a workshop for the DIY Burner Fashion Week email as much of the following information to [email protected]:
  • Possible Dates of the workshop (between 6-23 to 6-29)
  • Title of the workshop
  • Description of what folks will make (I can help write that if needed)
  • Description of materials needed (stuff people need to bring)
  • Description of materials provided
  • Description of needed skills (like if people should have basic sewing skills)
  • Duration of workshop
  • Cost to attendees
  • Link to a picture or pictures if you have them.
Teachers can charge for their workshops but we would like to keep them affordable too. We can work with you to develop an affordable offering. Instructors are paid out 1 week after the workshop via ETF or Paypal or Cash. Instructors making more than 400 will require a W9.
AMT can also provide some materials and or access to discounted or free materials. Go up-cycling.