3D printed fridge magnets

This is a 4 inch long juggling club model with a pocket for a neodymium magnet which transmogrifies it into a fridge magnet with enough power to hold a sleeping baby to the freezer door.

I spent more time on the pocket than the rest of it. When printed in pleasantly flexible TPU a 25x10x3mm magnet slips easily into the pocket and then stays there. There is .75mm of TPU between the magnet and the outer edge to temper the pull and prevent damage to the magnet. I used N52 strength magnets as they are stronger than the lower numbered ones.

I doubt many people want this exact shape so I’ve included some files to work from to make your own thing. Along with the completed club file I’ve uploaded the file just for the magnet pocket. You can use this to cut the magnet pocket in anything you want for your fridge. STL & STEP formats included in this zip archive.


If you open these parts in Fusion360 or other app of your choice it should be obvious how to make this work for other shapes. If it’s not just post on Slack and ask for guidance.