3D print meeting wrap-up, July 11, 2016

We had several guests at Monday’s 3D print meet up. Sorry I’m a little late with my wrap-up this week. I also failed catch everyone’s name this time ’round.

We did a some design work in Fusion 360. This has become a semi-regular feature at our 3D print meetings. This week we sketched out a filament spool clip. Filament on a spool sometimes gets tangled like a Demon Slinky from Hell. This can cause a print failure if the filament jams, so it’s more than just a little annoying. I had an idea to make one a bit larger than necessary with provision for a prominent PLA or ABS label.

This, I thought, would also make a good example to demo the printer itself… unfortunately the Replicator 2 broke down. I investigated the next day and found that the thermocouple was damaged, which unfortunately puts the machine out of commission. I’ve ordered replacement parts and will have it going as soon as possible; probably early next week. Meanwhile, the Type-A machines printer remains available.


Jaylen and Casper snuck upstairs to do some design work on the CAD workstation. They’re making great headway, and I think we can expect to see some cool results soon!

But the highlight of the night was James’ new Delta printer! James has been working on it for a few months and is starting to get pretty good prints, but still has a little tuning to do. Congratulations James!