White woman with glasses, dark shoulder length hair
Fran Osborne

Fran Osborne

Textiles Steward

Fran is an exhibition designer and often works with the local disability community. Most recently she as made some simple tactile portraits for an exhibition.

Since she joined AMT in February 2019 she has enjoyed using the co-working space for writing and meetings She looks forward to using textiles extensively to make some personal art projects in the near future. These will include new designs in the works for elements within an exhibition on climate change. 

As the steward, her key goals are to improve the textile zone to be more exciting for members to use and learn more about leadership outside her comfort zone. She brings a wealth of life experience as an independent designer and lots of volunteering in various different capacities, and for all kinds of groups to the stewardship job in textiles.

She likes new challenges and loves bringing people together to create change. When is not embracing those endeavors, she can be found gardening. Fran especially loves growing veggies… yum!