Alex Petroske

Safety and Storage Steward

Alex moved out to the Bay Area from Philadelphia in October 2019. He was immediately drawn to AMT as a volunteer-run makerspace that prioritizes community, and he looks forward to leveraging the Workshop to build out furniture for his new home.

With management experience in industrial manufacturing, Alex has seen first-hand how important PPE and proper housekeeping can be to ensuring everyone is kept safe and whole. He has benefitted from mentors who have stressed upon him the importance of building a robust safety culture, and he wants to pay that forward now as the AMT Safety and Storage Steward. He’ll collaborate with the community in the coming months to build up this culture at AMT, and to help maintain a clean and safe workspace for all.

When he’s not working or building furniture in the workshop, Alex likes to cook up tasty dishes in the kitchen – as long as it doesn’t involve baking.