Hoover Garden Project Kick-off Meeting

Highlights from the December 6th Kick-off meeting

  • Meeting attendees included Wanda Stewart, Miguel Elliot, and Crafty Rachel as well as 3 engineering students from Cal.
  • We discussed the structures for the garden including a bulletin board, outdoor kitchen, coops, primary signage and more. It really helped to get a handle on the project
  • We discussed goals as relates to signage and communication structures. A focus on communication that helps folks know “how to be” in the garden came up… and refined as 3 buckets: Self/Others/World
  • Some logistics worked out including agreeing on a shared google calendar, a slack channel on the AMT Platform (#hoover-garden).
  • Two milestones where identified: January 15th workday and January 24th for the class workshops to begin.

Next Design meeting December 20th • Noon to 1:30 • via Google Hang Outs

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