Hands-on CNC class follow-up

We had a packed house for tonight’s Fusion 360 for CNC hands-on class.

Autodesk evangelist, Taylor Stein, walked us through Fusion 360’s workflow for creating the CNC setup and cutting paths. Then we adjourned to the big CNC machine and our own big-CNC steward, James, ran the job we’d just set up. There’s nothing quite so satisfying as seeing an idea become a physical thing.

The project was a fun beer caddy Taylor came up with. James and Taylor met earlier to test out the design; then did the final version with higher-quality material. A big thanks to James for making this happen. Contact James on Slack if you’d like to be certified on the big CNC machine.

We’re finding that folks really prefer this follow-along format. In earlier sessions we’ve used a question-and-answer approach in which Taylor demonstrates the solution while we all watch. While that’s often useful, we seem to retain a lot more when we actually press the buttons and drag the mouse with our own fingers.

So, next time we’ll repeat the hands-on Fusion 360 introductory class. This is an introduction to the modeling workspace, intended for first-time users. Bring your laptop with Fusion 360 already installed.

Click below to RSVP. The follow-along format slows things down a bit, so we have to limit attendance to a reasonable number; twenty is about all we have room for. If you want to come, sign up quickly; this is sure to be a popular class. If you find you can’t make it, please cancel so someone else can attend.

We’re always thinking about how we can improve these classes. If there’s a particular technique or feature you’d like to know more about, please let us know. Slack is the best way to make suggestions.