Fusion 360 Hangout Notes

We had a great session last night (2-12-18) at the Fusion 360 hangout.

  • I burned most of the time presenting the design discussed in my recent blog post on best practices. I fielded lots of questions and expanded on some of the points in that post, so everyone seemed to get something out of it.
  • Chris has been struggling with sketches that began life as imported DXF files. Lots of funny duplicated lines in the skeches we looked at. We kicked around a few ideas for him to try, but nobody had the magic answers.
  • Steve has been playing with Fusion’s Drawing feature & had some neat things to show.
  • Bob showed us some of his progress carving Guitar parts. This is complex CAM stuff involving multiple operations and remounting parts to carve two sides. Can’t wait to see the progress.

A ‘pair-programming-style’ hangout was proposed for a future session. I think it’s a GREAT idea… We work together in pairs, sharing experience and generally bouncing ideas off each other while working through real member projects.

This kind of meeting can be run by anyone… and I’m looking for volunteers. I think a group meeting would be a lot of fun… that way we could negotiate which projects we might be able to help most with, or are most interested in. …but it doesn’t _have_ to be a group meeting. If nothing else, feel free to pipe-up in this forum anytime you get stuck and think an extra set of eyes would help. And _do_ make yourself available to others: I’ve learned a great deal about Fusion through other folks’ projects, since they so often approach the tasks in a way that would never occur to me.

By popular request, I’m going to put together a more traditional class for next time, focusing on beginners. The hands-on format was overwhelmingly preferred to anything else we’ve tried, so we’ll go with that. No schedule yet; watch this space!