3D print meeting wrap-up, September 5, 2016

I think holiday weekends are probably not a good scheduling choice. We had just two guests last night: Andy and Miles. Both are new members.

We did the usual run through on each printer. The Type-A machines printer is up-and-running since it’s recent upgrade, but still exhibits quality issues from time-to-time that I haven’t quite sorted out. Running at a lower-than-usual speed generally tames it for now: say 50mm/second or less.

Andy found a die model on Thingiverse that seemed like a good, simple example. Unfortunately the filleted corners meant we had excessive overhang for the first few layers, resulting in somewhat ragged quality on the bottom face.


Then we found a knight chess piece which seemed like a more challenging test. This one gave us a chance to see what the generated support material was like.

We also spent an hour or so brainstorming with Fusion 360. None of us had any clever ideas for an example model, so I resurrected the ‘glasses hook’ idea that we worked on last meeting. The first design we did had a few areas for improvement, which we tried to incorporate this time around. Unfortunately it was getting too late to print by then; I’ll print it out later and report.


Tonight Taylor Stein returns for another Fusion 360 training session. This time the focus is on 3D printing, but any Fusion 360 topic will be entertained if there’s sufficient interest. Come if you can! Taylor’s sessions are always popular and well worthwhile.