3D print meeting wrap-up, May 2, 2016

Just two folks attended tonight’s 3D printer meeting; both were newcomers. Welcome Joe and Julio!

Both came armed with Fusion 3D models. I won’t divulge the details, in case they embody valuable trade secrets, but it was exciting to see such advanced preparation.

We did the usual walkthrough on the Replicator II. Joe had to leave early, but assures me he learned a few things. Julio stuck around to see his first part printed. We selected the simplest of three that he brought along. I suggested a few modifications to the other parts that would likely make printing more successful.

I brought my delta for demo purposes, and also brought my latest project for show & tell: my south-pointing chariot. Expect a more detailed writeup and perhaps a short video clip later. I’ll bring it to Thursday’s meeting too.