Connor Bennette

IT Consultant

Connor joined AMT many moons ago and enjoys 3D printing, CAD, and Modeling. What he enjoys about AMT is the open nature of sharing and how much respect there is in the space. He also has a deep love of all things cozy.

He started in IT around age 7 on a commodore 64 doing CAD work related to Land Surveying. Been a wild ride ever since! As the AMT IT Steward he looks forward to bringing excellence through preventative maintenance and good practices. Connor loves to contribute wherever possible.

…feels good! Costs me little, provides a lot of good.

— Connor Bennette

Generally okay at computers. Usually happy to help with things. Definitely reach out and ask; best place is in slack in #network or #amt-it or by DMing me @connor on slack.

Always happy to talk about Networking, Sysadmin, Game design and production, 3D Printing, Machine Learning, AI, and technology in general. A technologist at heart.