Relief Fund Update: Over $20,000 Raised

As of April 21,

Donations received to date: $21,038.25

Money disbursed to date: $17,543.28 

Funds available currently: $3,494.97

Access the full dashboard here

Thank you to everyone who’s supported our efforts! As of today, we’ve collected over $21,000 and we’ve already distributed more than 80% of those donations to makers hacking solutions to the COVID-19 crisis. 

This first update on our progress will explain how to read our dashboard and review public information that we’re sharing on our work. Future updates will be focused on stories from makers and those impacted by the generosity of our donors. 

shows key figures on dashboard

Our dashboard is hosted on Google Data Studio, which allows us to share key data while linking to optional data that some stakeholders might find interesting. In the image below, the fields circled in purple convey the most important information and the areas highlighted in pink help direct the reader to more information. 

shows where to click to access optional data

Additional data like money pending with GoFundMe or how projects have split out their support between materials, travel costs, etc. are available within Google Data Studio. The link in the lower-left side of the dashboard connects to a sheet with really detailed reports about where this money has been paid out. We love transparency!

shows optional data

If you have feedback or suggestions, please connect with [email protected].