Black Makers Residency

What will you make?

Applications for the 22-23 Cohort are currently on hold pending program redesign.

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Ace Makerspace’s Black Makers Residency elevates Black voices and ideas, supports their individual development, and distributes the benefits to the community at large. This residency seeks to normalize BIPOC people in traditionally white tech spaces.

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Maker in Residence receive:

  • Ace Makerspace Membership – 1 year
  • Certification Class Scholarships
  • Materials stipend ($500)
  • Access-based resources such as transportation, childcare and tech – ride-share Grants, Metro service, Chromebook, etc. (Would-be recipients’ to keep)
  • Peer support and maker mentorship


  • Use the space and resources to execute your concept
  • Have a planned positive community impact. This could be a mutual aid project, public installation of your work, or teaching in the makers’ home community. Support and mentorship provided.


Applications will reopen September 2022

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Application Process:

Participants will be announced in early November 2022!

This residency is open to Black makers residing in the Bay Area* including:

  • Established Makers / Artists / Craftspeople – including established small biz folks
  • Youth Artists and Makers (18+)
  • Emerging Artists and Makers

We have an open and creative application process for the 2022-2023 Black Makers Residency. Your application can take many forms and should express:

  • What you will make during your one-year residency and how you will use Ace Makerspace to execute your concept
  • What type of community engagement do you envision, or what support do you need to connect with a community engagement project
  • Any additional funding or resources you may need outside the residency

Applications can be traditional or non-traditional including:

  • An essay of intention (with sketches if applicable) with links to your portfolio
  • An appointment with an Ace panel to do a live presentation of your concept
  • A video submission
  • Or any combination of the three above

If you would find coaching helpful for preparing your application we can provide Zoom office hours with an Ace Maker.

*Relocation funds are not available at this time.

Who is a Black maker?

We are not here to vet people’s ethnic or racial identities. We expect applicants to be Black people and makers or future makers while appreciating that identity is intersectional. Folks should be able to express what that identity means to them, how it informs their work and their connection to their communities. 

Whatever form that takes in the application process is good for us.

If you are not a Black person don’t apply for this residency. Please see the other options for membership.