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Upcoming Workshops and Events!

The Ace Planning Calendar is a combination of upcoming events and classes and in-house meetings and milestones—like when the network team gets together, or there are board meetings, etcetera. All classes and events requiring RSVP have a link in the descriptions, usually to Meetup. You can subscribe to this calendar with the google link in the bottom right-hand corner of the calendar.

Some classes we offer are by appointment or posted by request and may not show on the calendar. Join the slack interest group to find out more.

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Check out the new Ace Class Calendar. Member can see additional organization events after logging in including closures, team meetings, and Community Contribution opportunities.

Ace Class Calendar

Person smiling in sunglasses.

Richard Ong

After spending many years in and around the education field, Richard developed little DESIGN LAB to fill a gap that was missing in the K-12… Read more

"U.N.I.T.E logo"


UNITE Saturday School is a collaborative initiative between UNITE, Oakstop, Ace Makerspace, and local STEAM organizations like Njoya Engineering, Healing Da Maafa, and I.S.A. Our… Read more

Headshot of person with blue sweater looking at camera and smiling, gray background

Greg H.

Greg Habiby has been a professional photographer for 27+ years. His first photo printer was an Epson 1200 in the year 2000 and he’s been… Read more

Person dressed in purple smiling outside.

Megan Noor

Megan is passionate about teaching people new skills—especially technical ones. She discovered laser engraving at her college’s makerspace and fell in love immediately. She also… Read more

Person smiling in red hat


Pixie brings with her to Ace 24 years of knitting and crochet experience. She joined Ace  as a member in 2022 to learn new crafting… Read more

Person with grey hair and red glasses

Liat Rorer

I worked corporate jobs most of my life at both big companies and start-ups. One day, I realized I was burnt out and wasn’t enjoying… Read more

"Hello Stitch est. 2017" logo

Hello Stitch Studios

Our dear friends from Hello Stitch Studios will be teaching this rad in-person workshop from the Ace Textiles Studio! The classes they hold at Ace… Read more


Subrato D.

Subrato’s a life-long artist whose work centers on the visual expression of emotion through color. His specialties include watercolor, ink, and printmaking.  As an instructor,… Read more

Dykes with Drills

Dykes with Drills is a group of queer womxn empowering people with the tools to build. They are an amazing partner who use the shared… Read more

Sam S.

Sam is an art and tech enthusiast, combining her passion for jewelry design with tools like lasers and 3D printers. She is also a skilled… Read more

Flynn De Marco

Meet Flynn from LEGO Masters Season 1! He is our host and guide as we adventure with LEGO art projects. Instagram – @trickybricks YouTube: And… Read more

Person with red hair and green shirt.

Colm McNally

Teaches Workshop Classes at Ace Makerspace. He’s also an experienced theatre carpenter and electrician. Read more

Person in baseball cap drinking Red Bull in car.

Dave Sharps

Teaches CNC Router classes at Ace Makerspace. Also loves learning new skills and has taught himself how to make knives, build CNCs, and perform close… Read more

Person in green tank top smiling.

Chelsea Hard

Teaches textiles classes at Ace Makerspace. She’s also an avid quilter and dog lover. Read more

Cole Hendricks

Teaches Metal Shop Basics at Ace. You can also find him making jigs to make jigs.  Read more

Person in blue hoodie, with sunglasses on head smiling outdoors

Evan Atkinson

Hosts Electronics Night Events at Ace. Read more

crafty rachel photo

Rachel “Crafty” Sadd

Teaches a large variety of classes at Ace specializing in Laser Cutting, Textiles, Art, and cross disciplinary projects. She’s also an unapologetic raging feminist, smiting… Read more

Ace Logo

Team Ace

This event is just too cool to be run by one organizer! When you see Team Ace as the organizer it means that this event… Read more

Person with blue hair and glasses, holding Pull Saw.

Howard Cohen

Teaches Workshop Tool Certification classes, Shop Basics, Tool Sharpening, Tool Maintenance, and more. He has over 50 years of experience working with wood. Read more

Person smiling, serger

Phoebe Weiss

Teaches sewing, leatherworking, and craft based workshops. She’s also an avid gardener and loves experimenting with with growing unusual fruits. Read more

Person smiling with 3D Printing Filament.

Ted Hullar

Teaches 3D Printing Night and Heavy Duty Sewing Machine Basics at Ace. He’s a true generalist and enjoys dabbling in different program areas at Ace. Read more

Person with beard in orange slicker.

David Perry

David fell in love with Laser Cutting after taking his first ever Laser Class at Ace. Now he teaches Laser Basics and Laser Open Lab… Read more

Smiling person with red hair, jacket, outdoors

Miriam Levenson

Teaches Laser Basics and Laser Open Lab. They are also a wizard with acrylic finishing techniques and have a talent for finding good parking everywhere… Read more