500 Air Filters for People

DIY Air Filter Kits for people in Oakland beyond – Free.

Wildfire smoke and dirty air create yearly health hazards that disproportionately affect communities of color. Ace Makerspace is taking direct action to reduce harm locally with 500+ Free DIY Air Filter Kits! These kits help under-resourced folks manage poor air quality indoors. With your help, this mutual aid benefit supports a self-reliant and resilient Oakland and provides meaningful fire season harm-reduction!

Homies Empowerment, is our primary distribution partner, leading efforts in East Oakland as part of their ongoing work supporting the community.

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Donations will be used to:

  • Buy fans and filters
  • Print instructions and harm reduction information in English and Spanish
  • Buy filter attachment fabrication supplies


Donate fans! 

Fans: 20″ Box Fans

Send donations to:

Ace Makerspace
6050 Lowell Street, Ste. 214
Oakland, CA 94608

Join a Workparty!

Work Party Dates Coming Soon!

  • Package kits
  • Prepare instructions
  • Process donations
  • Logistical things include bringing lots of kits to Homies Empowerment for distribution

Next Work Party

Sunday, July 17th – 11AM to 1PM RSVP

Homies Empowerment and Distribution

Homies Empowerment is our collaboration partner undertaking the distribution of air filters received as part of the 500 Filters Project. 

Homies Empowerment began in 2009 as an East Oakland youth development organization, working with gang-impacted youth. Since then Homies Empowerment has evolved to provide resources and work in solidarity alongside communities that have historically been underserved. 

To learn more about Homies Empowerment visit us on social media or at Homiesempowerment.com