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$200.00 / month

Standard Membership covers the majority of cost per member at Ace Makerspace. Members have access to tools and spaces in coworking, textiles, laser, metal shop, woodworking, electronics, 3D printing and art.

Ace Makerspace provides member with the services and resources necessary to make the best use of the spaces and tools that we provide. Ace leadership establish and facilitate a culture of collaboration and community engagement along with dedicated volunteers and members.

Scholarship options will be available when funding has been secured. Please contact [email protected] to request an application for reduced rates.


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This membership begins on the day you pay your dues. You will gain access to all Ace spaces when you pickup and activate a fob. You can immediately start using all tools you are certified for and all that do not require certification. You have access to all “for member use” supplies and consumables as well as free storage.


”Membership Account” means a payment account on this website; it does not refer to full membership in the corporation known as Ace Monster Toys (dba Ace Makerspace).

A recent recognizable picture for our non-public Ace Member Directory is required for membership. This picture is never shared with the public, and it’s removed from the directory once your membership is no longer active.

Membership Cancellation. All members control their own membership accounts including cancellation. Cancellations are not prorated and all billing is in 1-month increments. Membership it tied to access and not use and refunds based on lack of use are usually not provided. Instructions for canceling or suspended memberships are on the Ace Makerspace Wiki.

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Pink, Green, Retired, Standard


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