AMT COVID-19 Relief Fund

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Support AMT’s Covid-19 Relief fund!
AMT is collecting funds to support community efforts to meet community needs during the COVID-19 public health emergency. Donations are tax-deductible and are used to support expenses related to PPE creation, distribution and community organizing in the greater Bay Area.

AMT Supported Relief Projects

Bay Area Mask Making and Distribution by The Crafty Avenger

Bay Area Medical Faceshield Emergency Production

Distill My Heart: 1700 Masks in 17 Days!

Need Support for Your Project?

If you need support for your relief project please email [email protected] with a complete description of your project, including links and your support needs.

While we cannot support everyone all funds collected go to this effort.

Makers in Action

Why we set up the fund

The number of COVID-19 cases grows every day, presenting a serious threat to our community. Because of the nation-wide shortage of proper supplies and equipment, medical professionals, health care providers, caregivers and other workers that continue to serve have inadequate supplies to protect themselves from the health risks they face. We need to support these people so they can continue to provide the necessary and important care our community depends on.

This crisis and the necessary social distancing response it requires severely affects the livelihood and well-being of vulnerable populations, including low-wage and gig workers, people with compromised immune systems and the homeless. Programs which can provide support and assistance to these people are needed more than ever.

Ace Monster Toys Makerspace created the AMT COVID-19 Relief Fund so that our organization can support the community in these unpredictable and scary times. With guidance, partnership and direction from other nonprofits and healthcare organizations, we are creating programs and providing support that take advantage of our significant resources, tools and facilities, while mobilizing our amazing members and volunteers to help. These include programs for producing and distributing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to local health care providers and caregivers, providing relief to vulnerable populations, as well as offering other relief to those affected.