Monster Corps FAQ

How do I book an interview for Monster Corps?

Interviews for Monster Corps are by invitation. After you fill out the application an officer will review it and if you are a good fit for the opening you applied for you will get an email inviting you to book an interview.

Applications are reviewed by volunteers about once a week.

Who assigns tasks in Monster Corps?

The Monster Corps coordinator assigns tasks on the first of the month. In order to qualify to have tasks assigned a MC member must provide availability information no later than 5 days before the 1st day of the month.

How do I get credit for the time I put in?

We use Asana to manage and track tasks. When a task is completed and marked off in Asana the person assigned gets credit for it. 

If time estimates on the task were short open communication about time spent will ensure folks get the credit they deserve.

What happens in the 30-day trial?

During the first 30-days folks:

  • Folks complete sign up and submit there availability (within the first 3-days)
  • Are assigned orientation tasks design to fast track learning about the space and how it works
  • Complete their orientation tasks
  • Specific training on their affinity of work
  • Complete the first task in their affinity

Things like outside work training and scholarships for classes and certifications may happen after the first 30-days. 

What training is available?

In the first 30-days over half of your time is spent learning about Ace Makerspace in classes like “How ACE Works”, etc.

Depending on the role you are fulfilling (affinity), you may need certifications to complete your tasks or train on ACE equipment or tools. ACE provides scholarships for those class, based on availability.

If you need outside training, such as an online course ACE may also pay for those training opportunities after the trial period is over. 

Other training and orientation is based on need and is provided by the officers, stewards or membership. 

How do I find my assignments?

You can find your assignments by searching the ACE Asana workspace for your unique tag. 

You will learn what Asana is and how it works by attending the “How ACE works” workshop and throughout the Monster Corps Onboarding process.