greg wolff

Greg Wolff

Greg joined AMT in the fall of 2019. Greg is drawn to AMT as a woman-run space, one of the few makerspaces out there that is. He appreciates the image and tone that sets AMT apart from other spaces out there.

He brings his enthusiasm for creative projects to the community and his role as steward. Some of his top tier goals as a steward are to fill the instruction and documentation gaps while improving printer upkeep. He also brings a passion for mentorship to the role including the amazing impact it can have on community building.

As a graphic designer, he is constantly printing out work to get a feel for how they convey physically. Thus, he has experience with lithography, risograph printers, and ink plotters.

When he isn’t creating a more accessible photo printing program and nurturing the supportive AMT culture you can find him learning creative pursuits like film photography!