Distill My Heart: 1700 Masks in 17 Days!

The goal is clear – provide 1700 masks to people in 17 days. The peak is coming and we can help keep these at-risk folks out of the hospitals.

We have the fabric.
We have the skills.
We have the space.
We have the tools.

The Crafty Avenger has joined forces with Circuit Launch, Ace Monster Toys Makerspace, and other great arts and maker groups in the Bay Area to achieve this ambitious goal. The clock started on April 13th on our 17 days to make a difference!

Do you want to know how this project is working? See under the hood.

Suggested amount: $100.00

Minimum amount: $5.00



We are supporting the most vulnerable among us with these masks. The folks in homeless shelters; in-home healthcare workers; grocery workers, etc. Masks are constructed in a safer workspace by protected workers and packaged for no-contact distribution. The distribution has been pre-determined.
This project also aims to be a model for others who might have the opportunity to fill the gaps in the supply chain. The idea is to move fast, stay on task, and be done within days.
Through a collaboration of creators at Ace Monster Toys Makerspace, The Crafty Avenger, with Circuit Launch in Oakland, CA –  and with a large contribution of material from the American Distillery Institute in Hayward, CA  – What we need to get the job done in time to make it really matter is funding for people working on the project.
With your help, we can move fast and combine the speed of volunteers with the speed of people getting paid!  

Sponsor a Helper! Or even just part of a Helper!

  • 1 sewer @ 40 hours @$15 hour = $600
  • 1 sewer @ 40 hours  @$20 hour = $800
  • 1 laser operator @40 hours @$15 = $600
  • 1 assembler @ 40 hours @$15 hour = $600
  • 1 deliveryperson @ 40 hours @ $15 hour = $600
  • PPE for volunteers, drivers and workers for one day $120
Distribution of Masks starts April 16th – This is happening NOW! Help make it fast enough to make a difference. 
And if you can’t give dollars we are recruiting skilled volunteers and hopefully contractors. Fill out this little form to explore being on the team.

Not sure about this project but want to support other projects? Support AMT’s COVID-19 Relief fund!

AMT is collecting funds to support community efforts to meet community needs during the COVID-19 public health emergency. Donations are tax-deductible and are used to support expenses related to PPE creation, distribution and community organizing in the greater Bay Area.

Learn More about the Fund, projects and see makers in action

Your donation is tax-deductible!

Ace Monster Toys is a federally recognized tax-exempt organization under IRS section 501(c)3. In addition, we are incorporated as a California non-profit corporation.  A receipt will be sent to you once your donation is processed.


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